Support Our Troops

We would like to thank all the members of the Armed Forces for their Service to our Country. Our prayers go out to them and their families. We would like to give you some websites that help the Armed Service members.

Support Our Troops!

The Following Members of Local 669 have been serving our country overseas and we would like to thank them for their sacrifices.

Nicholas A. Anderson
Nicholas R. Anderson – Killed in Action
Marty A. Brill
Brian J. Brown
Kevin D. Boedeker
Richard B. Carnes
William H. Carter, Jr.
Patrick J. Clay
Brendon S. Crawford
Christopher L. Cyr
David A. Danner
Carl Devitz
Clyde H. DeVore
Stephen J. Duckers
Brice L. Fleck
Christian L. Geiger
Raymond M. Harrell
William R. Hill
Robert E. Knettel, Jr.
Thomas L. Kornell
Ryan W. Mooney
Michael A. Reis
Michael D. Robertson
Thomas C. Rowan
Michael L. Schmidt
Daniel P. Scholler
Ralph Scott
Michael E. Sharp
Robert D. Slininger
William R. Stillwagon
James R. Sutton
Corey C. Trisler
Eric Vlasaty
Jason Vlasaty
Paul W. Wick