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The following is a list of our one-day classes that are utilized by both our journeymen for continuing education as well as our apprentices.  Click on the class curriculum below to view upcoming classes in your area.  The breakdown of the formal classes are as follows:

Click on the class titles below to view the upcoming classes for each category.

Continuing Education Classes

  • 2017 Nitrogen Technology
    • Corrosion is a major problem in the Sprinkler Industry affecting new and old installations as well as wet, dry and pre-action systems. We are going to discuss corrosion in all 3 systems and introduce options available to battle corrosion in the sprinkler system, There are two manufactures who have shared their knowledge, research, training and equipment for this presentation.
  • 2016 NFPA 25 ITM (2014 Edition)
    • This class is designed for everyone (Owners, Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, Journeypersons, Apprentices and AHJ’s) involved with NFPA 25 Inspections, Testing and Maintenance (ITM). The focus will be on the intent, use, meaning and application of the NFPA 25 Standard. Attendees will gain knowledge and useful insight relevant to NFPA 25 ITM, along with a new perspective regarding paperwork and documentation vital to a successful ITM program. Additionally, the presentation will provide options on how to address system deficiencies and items observed during ITM that do not fall under the umbrella of the NFPA 25 Standard.
  • The Evolution of the Fire Sprinkler Industry
    • This class will take us through the time line of the Sprinkler Industry. Starting with the first known sprinkler system and automatic sprinklers. As we progress along the timeline learners will be engaged on key events in products and technology. The learners will become familiar with key organizations that helped shape the industry as we know it today. These organizations include NFPA, FM, UL, UA, Sprinkler Fitters LU 669, and NFSA. The learners will be able to demonstrate when revolutionary products impacted the industry as well as regulations impacting where and when sprinklers are installed.
  • CPR/First Aid 
    • This 5-hour class provides students with basic life support and first aid skills as well as CPR Training.
  • CPVC
    • This class prepares you for the installation of CPVC piping. This is usually done with a manufacturer’s representative for certification.
  • Leadership Class
    • This two day course will instruct students on the proper skills and attitudes expected of foremen, including how to motivate crew members, coordinate resources and individuals, and how to schedule deliveries and complete paperwork. Fundamentals of leadership will also be covered. Students will be educated on how to communicate and lead effectively while on the job. The format for the leadership portion of the course will be an open discussion with student participation.
  • NFPA
    • 14 - Standpipes
      • This class will cover the installation process of Standpipe Systems. Class I through Class III standpipes will be covered. Also discussed, hose valves, hose cabinets, addressing proper location and installation practices and properly filling out test papers. NFPA 25 Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance of Waterbased Sprinkler systems will be discussed as it relates to standpipe systems. 
    • 13R & 13D 2007 Changes
      • Technical changes to these NFPA documents. This 4-6 hour class covers many aspects of 13R and 13D systems.
    • 13
      • The JATC offers NFPA 13 on a continual basis. The class will take you through the latest edition of NFPA 13. The instructors will cover the technical changes to the Standard. There will be discussions on how these changes impact us as Sprinkler Fitters as well as how the changes impact the industry.
    • This is a two day class that will help prepare Sprinkler Fitters to take the NICET test. This class is not designed to teach you the material on the test, this class is to help prepare you to take the test. The instructors will go over the process for application, work history, and work verification. The Instructors will do a presentation on NFPA 13 and 25. The students will learn how to navigate the Standard more efficiently. The instructors go over the NICET elements with sample questions.
  • OSHA - 10 and 30-Hour
    • The OSHA 10 & 30 hour safety class presentation will cover safety topics followingthe strict OSHA guidelines for the Construction Industry.  Upon completion of theclass you will be able to recognize and avoid safety hazards on the jobsite. Requirements for receiving a completion card are attendance, attention, involvement, and completing a final exam.
  • UA STAR Review
    • This two day class goes over the topics of the exam. Presentations on NFPA 13, 20 and 25 are shown. There will be group discussions on how to find answers in the standards. A sample test is given and then gone over as a group.
  • Valve Trailer
    • This is a hands-on class that works with Alarms, Dry and Pre-Action valves installed in a trailer.

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