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Welcome to UA Local Union 669! - (1/10/2013)

The leadership and members of UA Local Union 669 would like to welcome you to our website.  Here you can find out a great deal of information about our Local and International Union. Unions are an essential part of a strong democracy and play a crucial role in Americas public and community life. Unions give workers a voice on the job and help negotiate fair benefits and wages for their members.  Unions protect their signatory contractors who they partner with on a daily basis and use political and economic resources to raise the bar for all who work for a living.

Unions, by fighting for higher standards for workers, businesses, families, the environment, and public health and safety, have helped to build the middle class and make sure the economy works for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us through our website. On our site you can learn a great deal about us:

  • Officers of the Local
  • Our History
  • Training Information including Advanced Courses we offer
  • Apprenticeship Information including How to Join
  • Organizing Information including Why You Should Join
  • News and Events
  • Agreement Information
  • Promotional Information such as Video and Commercials
  • Key Government Information
  • Political Information on Upcoming Projects and Politicians
  • Helpful Links
  • Contractor Information for your area and more!!!

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